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Payment - Storage charges payable quarterly in advance, minimum charge 1 week, thereafter charges calculated per day.

Copy of terms and conditions available upon request.

Please note all prices include VAT at the current rate.
Standard Storage
                    £45.00 per week 
Vehicle protected by dust cover, stored in our dedicated, secure, alarmed facility and connected to battery conditioner.
Carcoon Storage
                    £57.00 per week
Vehicle protected by Carcoon Airflow storage system connected to battery conditioner and stored in our dedicated, secure, alarmed facility.
Vehicle preparation on arrival
Pressure wash, chamois dry, visual condition report, tyre pressure check and connection to battery conditioner.
Vehicle preparation on exit
Extract vehicle from storage area and prepare for customer collection including tyre pressure check , oil and water check and engine warm-up.


Optional Services

Please note all prices include VAT at the current rate.

Submit Car for MOT
                £90.00 (plus test fee)
Vehicle extracted from storage area and driven to local test station (total journey 6 miles).
Road Tax / SORN 
                £15.00 (plus cost of licence)
If provided with your documents we can obtain road tax for your vehicle or make a SORN declaration on your behalf.
Edinburgh Airport ‘Meet & Greet’ 
               Prices available on request
Personal transport to or from our premises to collect or deposit your vehicle.
Full Valet
                Prices available on request
Complete exterior/interior wash/dry/polish/vacuum by professional valet service at our premises.
Fully enclosed vehicle transport 
                Prices available on request.
Collection or delivery of your vehicle locally or nationally using our own specialised transporters.
Your vehicle must be insured for a minimum of third party, fire and theft whilst in our care. Full details of insurance cover can be found within our standard terms and conditions.
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